This is where I am able to tell you a little bit more about me. I live in Banstead with my two lovely children, who have been my inspiration for becoming a photographer. Photography was an interest of mine from a very young age however the moment my daughter was born sparked an instinctive need to photograph every part of her and experiment with props and lighting set ups. Over the years I adapted my techniques and progressed quickly enjoying the transition from film to digital.

Knowing that I wanted to gain a career in photography I made the decision to study for my degree. Three years of hard work later, I achieved my goal; I am a proud owner of a BA Hons in Photography.

My proudest moment to date was last year when I held an exhibition at the Menier Gallery, London Bridge. The exhibition marked the end of a project, which I adored. I felt honored to be invited to passionately document the neglected site that was the Ram Brewery in Wandsworth, in a bid to preserve and protect over four hundred years of English Architectural Heritage.

‘I photograph the Ram Brewery with great sentiment for all that it was and for all that is still present’ –Jo Thorpe

I currently concentrate my skills in the area of studio photography, capturing natural and stunning portraits. I also love the outdoors so encourage people away from the studio for shoots, accompanying families, friends and couples to a special location to capture them in both posed and natural connections and gently record their love and connections with one another.

My most recent venture is in the fields of ‘events and sporting’ photography – capturing the passion and emotion of sport, the documenting of events from start to finish, and the great fun of the Photo Booth shoots. Having begun professionally in these areas, I am now enjoying the excitement of returning.

Ps. To save you time here is my email address at a glance!

here is my number; 07863 209 907

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jo xx